10 Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Well-Being

We all need self-care days, and we want to encourage everyone to carve out time to care for themselves. We’ve come up with some simple (and affordable) suggestions to help you show extra consideration to yourself.

Kirkland's - 10 Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Well-Being

Spend time outside

It’s a beautiful time of year to live life outside. Pack up a picnic or put on your running shoes and go for a jog. We’re confident a little fresh air will seriously boost your spirits.

Find a creative outlet

Creativity means something different to everyone. Whether it’s writing a song or painting a picture, it’s always nice to challenge your brain.

Attend yoga class

If you’ve never tried yoga, you’ll never believe just how much it can do for you. Not only does yoga benefit the body (better posture, flexibility, muscle strength, etc.), yoga can help you find increased focus.

Cook a healthy meal

We love the extra energy provided by a nutritionally balanced meal. Meat, fruit and veggies are all capable of working wonders when they’re prepared with care.

Kirkland's - 10 Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Well-Being

Read a book

Reading is one of the most beneficial activities available to us. We can explore new worlds, gather facts and increase our vocabulary with just a few minutes a day.

Enjoy a nap

Even if you’ve had a good night’s sleep, a short nap is a nice way to recharge your mind and body.

Take a bubble bath

Grab a candle (or three), turn on the hot water and throw in a bath bomb. It’s time to take it easy. You’ve earned it.

Buy yourself flowers

Let us paint you a picture. A vase with your favorite flowers is sitting on your desk or dining room table. If you make this mental image a reality, we’re sure the sight and smell of a beautiful bouquet will not disappoint.

Kirkland's - 10 Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Well-Being

Drink your favorite coffee or tea

Need a pick-me-up? Treat yourself to your favorite drink from the coffee shop and watch your mood improve.

Stay in and watch a movie

The movie theater is great, but you don’t need to leave your home to have a memorable movie night. A night in with your significant other or the entire family can be good for the soul.


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