How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are a huge hit for parties, and they’re a nice change of pace when you feel more like snacking than sitting down for a large meal.

But how do you put one together? Where do you begin? With so many delicious bites available, it might seem overwhelming to assemble a beautiful snack board. We’re here to show you that creating a charcuterie board is easy, fun and full of opportunities for creativity.

Here are some simple steps and tips for you to try out.

Kirkland's - How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Add your anchors

Fill bowls with olives, jams, dips and fruits and spread them out around the board. Strategically place cheese wedges (several varieties) in empty spaces between the bowls. If you’re using sliced cheeses, fan them out around your bowls and stylishly fill the space.

Tip: A mix of hard and soft cheeses is always a crowd-pleaser.

Add meat (cured or uncured, your choice)

Much like the types of cheese you choose, meat is purely a preference. Add salami, prosciutto, ham, soppressata or anything else your heart desires. Again, continue fanning these slices out to fill holes in the arrangement. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can fold some of your selections into rosettes or another stylish shape.

Tip: Choosing both spicy and mild meat will unlock great flavor combinations on your board.

Finish with crackers and bread

Water crackers. Fresh sourdough. Filled with flavor or plain. There are so many kinds of bread to complement the choices you’ve already made. Lay your bread and crackers down and fan them out to fill blank space.

Tip: Try different consistencies, like a combination of crisp crackers and thicker slices of baguette.

Address the empty areas

If you have any empty spots remaining, fill them in now. A handful of spiced almonds (or any nut) or a small pile of blueberries (or any fruit) should do the trick.

Tip: A sprinkling of bright fruit (raspberries, pineapple, etc.) and herbs (mint) can add extra color.

Don’t forget the drinks

Now that your board is completely the way you want it, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But first, how about a drink to go with your selections? If you know what you want, dive right in. However, if you’re a little unsure, we recommend consulting a pairing guide to find a wine or cocktail that goes well with the cheeses and meat you chose. Once you have that sorted out, it’s time to dig in. Enjoy!

Kirkland's - How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

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