10 Ways to Spark Happiness

Happiness Happens Day was yesterday, but we’re celebrating all month long! We’re doing all the things that make us smile, and we hope you’ll join in! Today we’re sharing 10 simple ideas we had to spark happiness in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Kirkland's - 10 Ways to Spark Happiness
  • Laugh (a lot)

    Whether it’s by watching the latest comedy at the movie theater or swapping embarrassing stories, finding ways to laugh will dramatically improve your mood.

  • Get rid of clutter

    While some people may not enjoy the task itself as much as others, nobody can deny how great it feels to have an organized space!

  • Listen to your favorite album or playlist

    We can’t be the only ones who tap our feet and sing along when our favorite songs start to play. Set your favorite music on shuffle, and we bet you’ll start to smile.

  • Learn a new skill

    Bowling. Baking. Ballroom dancing. You name it! It’s fun to try new things, and who knows, you might have a hidden talent you weren’t aware of!

  • Start a wave of compliments

    Compliments are contagious. When someone says something nice, it’s natural to want to return the favor or continue to spread the love.

  • Take a break at work to eat cookies

    Even the hardest workers need a little break. Take a few minutes out of the day to reward yourself for your hard work. We suggested cookies because that’s what we are doing today, but you can enjoy coffee, tea, popcorn or whatever else brings you joy!

Kirkland's - 10 Ways to Spark Happiness
  • Turn off the technology for a little bit

Instagram and Facebook are great for so many things, but every now and again, it’s nice to take a little break. Turning off the notifications and being present where you are is wonderful.

  • Volunteer or donate to a cause you believe in

    Whether it’s your time or money, you’ll feel amazing when you help an organization or cause you genuinely admire.

  • Buy something to make your home happier

    With all the hours you spend at home, we think it’s perfectly reasonable to treat yourself to a new piece of furniture or décor. Even something small (like a collage frame) can make a major impact on your happiness when you see it or use it.

  • Spend time with family and friends

    It’s important to spend time with the people you love. Find a night to spend with friends or throw together a family dinner for a memorable evening.

What things or activities bring you joy? Tell us what makes you grin from ear to ear by tagging us @kirklands.