Transforming Your Space with Texture: Easy Tips & Tricks

Kirkland's - Living Room Decor

Looking to add another dimension to your décor? Try layering in different textures throughout your home! Fun fabrics and other materials make it easy to transform any room with just a handful of items. Here are four easy ways you can add texture to your home today.



Kirkland's - Pillows
Kirkland's - Pillows

The most well-known way to add texture to your home is with different fabrics. Embrace blankets with tassels and fringes or pile up the mixed media pillows. These items add a fun element to your home décor style.



Kirkland's  - Cream Dip Ceramic Gourd Table Lamp
Kirkland's - Black Zig Zag Ceramic Vase
Kirkland's - Black Dot White Ceramic Table Lamp

Ceramics are underappreciated when it comes to conversations about texture. One thing we really love about ceramics is that they’re not always as they appear. Ceramics can have a smooth, glossy finish. Other designs are unfinished or painted to look a little more worn. This gives you the chance to find something that suits you.



Kirkland's - Round Metal and Leather Hanging Mirror

We’re falling in love with leather accents this year, and here is a perfect example. This beautiful mirror looks even more magnificent with a leather strap and buckle. This is just one way (of many) little touches of leather can seriously elevate your style.


Woven Seagrass

Kirkland's - Woven Seagrass Baskets

What if we told you storing items could be beautiful? How would you react if we said something simple like placing a rug underneath your furniture could make an entire room sing? Woven materials make those things possible.


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