Tips For Tidying Up: Bedroom Edition

Kirkland's - Bedroom Organization

We’ve been working our way through the house with a room-by-room guide to help you tidy up in 2019, and today, we finish our tour with storage and organization tips for your bedroom. Here are a few pieces we believe you’ll fall in love with.


Shelving Units

Kirkland's - White Wood Media Shelf with Drawer
Kirkland's - Metal Cube Wall Shelves, Set of 3

Whether it’s a bookcase or a media tower, every bedroom can use a shelving unit. These versatile pieces are much more than a place to stash books or movies. They provide storage space for items and allow you to show off your style. Your books and your favorite potted plant can share a space. Your favorite picture can be featured on the most prominent shelf. The bottom of a bookcase is a great place to store items in baskets. There are few pieces that allow you to combine style and function like a proper shelving unit.


Multipurpose Mirrors

Kirkland's - Industrial Wooden Wall Mirror with Shelf and Hooks

Mirrors are a must-have for getting ready to go out into the world, but their job shouldn’t stop there.

A multipurpose mirror will simplify your life every single time you’re leaving home. Imagine a mirror with hooks and a shelf, a mirror that holds your hats, keys, ID badge, wallet, and a handbag or two. These mirrors are a major hack, and we love them so much. Scrambling around for your stuff is so last year because all your essentials are now in one convenient place.


Traditional Furniture

Kirkland's - Beaded Furniture

Sometimes the simple solution is the best solution, and that’s true with traditional furniture. You can never go wrong with standard furniture pieces in your bedroom.

A classic console table is always a welcome addition to display a few items or store a few things underneath. A chest of drawers is not innovative. A dresser is nothing new, but it will keep all your clothes organized and out of the way. Sometimes, the best option really is to keep it simple.


Laundry Baskets

Kirkland's - Metal and Fabric Retro Laundry Bin

Dirty clothes have no chance to pile up if you have a laundry basket. While this piece might not be the most beautiful item in your bedroom, there are some cute styles to select from, and the practicality is far too good to pass up.  You’ll love your laundry basket more than you ever think you could.


Have storage and organization tips for a room we didn’t cover? We’d love to see them! Be sure to tag @kirklands for a chance to be featured.