Using Little Pops of Color to Make a Major Impact

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor

When it comes to decorating your home with the arrival of spring in mind, a little bit of color can make a major impact. If you’re ready to set aside a complicated or confusing color palette in favor of something simple, we have ideas for you. Here are a few ways that little pops of color can be quite powerful.



We absolutely love yellow accents this time of year. While winter weather is still around, tiny touches of yellow help us anticipate the arrival of spring without completely ignoring the current season. Incorporating yellow is easy, and it can be done in several different ways.



Kirkland's - Decorative Lemons, Set of 12

When life gives you lemons, use them to decorate your home. Lemons are fun and fresh, and they help inspire the first thoughts of spring. Whether it’s a lemon rug or a lemon tree, try adding a little bit of lemon and watch your home sing.



Kirkland's - Marigold Berry Wreath
Kirkland's - Marigold Framed Canvas Art Print
Kirkland's - Marigold Berry Wreath

Looking for a breath of fresh air? Make your home even more beautiful with hints of marigold. This sweet flower will have you ready for warmer weather to arrive.


Yellow accents on décor pieces

You can also add yellow in other ways you see fit. Perhaps you’d prefer a pillow with a yellow pattern. Maybe you’d like bright faux florals to bring a little sunshine into your space. Find something that works for you, and you’ll love yellow more than ever before.


Other Colors

Kirkland's - Mallard Green Shaggy Dot Pillow
Kirkalnd's - Green Hunter Ceramic Planter

If yellow isn’t your favorite color, you can always try something that’s a little more you. For example, a lush green can bring new life to your space. Maybe a patch of purple can be the small dash of spring you need.


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