Tips For Tidying Up: Home Office Edition

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Every home needs a nice workspace. Whether it’s for a nine-to-five job or working on personal writing projects, we all want a place to feel productive as we pursue our passions.

Unfortunately, clutter builds up quickly in a home office, halting productivity in its tracks. We want to accomplish the tasks on our agendas, and we want the same for you. We’ve come up with a few ways to tidy up your home office and make your time more profitable.



Kirkland's - Metal Calendar Memo Clip Wall Organizer

You might be wondering how a calendar will help you keep your workspace tidy. We’d respond with this question:

If a calendar can keep your entire life in order, isn’t it safe to trust a calendar for something smaller like organizing a home office?

An updated calendar or planner has all the dates you need to know. Every deadline is visible in one convenient location. An organized list of tasks encourages you to only take out what you need. The rest of your papers and supplies (and anything else you may need) remain in their proper place. Whether it’s hanging on the wall or sitting under everything on your desk, a calendar will prove to be a major asset in office organization.


Desk Organizers & Caddies

Pens, pencils and papers seem to have a mind of their own, almost like they scatter themselves across an otherwise organized desk. You can prevent these office essentials from piling up with a desk organizer of your choosing.

If you’re an artist, find something special to store your pastels or paintbrushes. Maybe you could choose a cute mason jar to house them. Trying to knock out homework or run through a pile of receipts? You can keep your papers, books and notepads neatly arranged with divided baskets or bins. From pencil cups to filing cabinets, anything that works well for you is a great choice.


Shelves & Wall Organizers

Kirkland's - Triple Slatted Wall Basket

Sometimes your workspace feels far too small, even when it’s relatively neat and tidy. No matter what you do, you don’t seem to have enough surface space. Fortunately, you can free up additional space with wall organizers or shelves. Using your walls will allow you to keep only the absolute essentials on your desk. Anything you don’t need to immediately reach for can be stashed on a shelf on your wall.


How do you keep your home office organized? Tag @kirklands with your favorite features of your workspace and be sure to check back for tips on how to tidy up your bedroom.