Tips & Tricks | How To Use Hanging Planters

Before you pot all your flowers for the summer, we want to tell you about a fun way to work on cultivating a green thumb:

Hanging planters.

You can always put your flowers and greenery in normal pots or planters around the porch, patio, or backyard, but it’s always a great display of style to have a few suspended from above. Mixing and matching different types of planters makes you look like a serious gardener, and if you live in a smaller space, hanging planters free up room for other items on your tables, counters, and desks. They can also keep the floor clutter-free. These are just a few reasons why hanging planters are so in demand right now.

But how do you make hanging planters work in your home? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you get started.

Kirkland's - Tips & Tricks | How To Use Hanging Planters
  1. Choose a planter that matches your aesthetic.

    Are you going for a more farmhouse look with a galvanized planter or a fun pattern on a ceramic planter?

  2. Choose your plant, wisely.

    If you’re looking to add color to a part of your house, do you want one color or a multiple to make a statement? Consider where your plant will hang - will it have sunlight or will it be in the shade?

  3. Location. Location. Location.

    What part of your outdoor area or interior are you looking to liven up? Use hanging planters to add a touch of color to your porch or even to your kitchen or living room. Hanging planters can be used in any and every area of your house!

  4. Hang with a sturdy hook.

    Remember the hook you use to hang your planter needs to support a full, wet basket. Use S hooks to hang from existing fixtures, such as lighting or curtain rods. Also make sure to hang your planter in an area where you can reach to water it!