Refreshing with Floral for the New Year

Kirkland's - Flower Market

The beginning of January is a beautiful time in any home. We put away the holiday décor and have the chance to freshen things up for the year ahead.

While this time of year is exciting, it can be a little tricky to decorate appropriately. Wintry weather is lingering, and spring seems so far away. However, we still crave feelings of renewal and newness with our décor. 

How do we find the right balance? How do we breathe new life into our homes without going overboard?

One of our favorite ways is with floralgreenery. While we love bright, beautiful blooms, we’re speaking about floral in a more subtle sense for this time of year.

Adding lush greenery throughout your space is the easiest way to bring it to life. Those rich greens help refresh any room, and they never feel overwhelming. Relying heavily on the color green is a great option and gives you the chance to layer in some spots of color when the opportunity arises.

Here are a few ideas for adding floral around your home for this tricky time of year.



We love wreaths all year round! Whether it’s hanging on your front door or the back of a dining chair, a wreath is simply wonderful.

Tip: Find something with plenty of green and a few pops of color. White berries or blooms will make a beautiful addition.



Kirkland's - Centerpieces

Setting the table looks a little different after the holiday season, and it starts in the center of the table. A centerpiece will help set the mood when your friends and family gather together for a delicious meal and meaningful conversation.

Tip: Add white candles with a subtle scent to perfect the atmosphere.


Stems, Succulents, and Arrangements

Greenery doesn’t have to be confined to a door or dining table. It can be spread throughout your entire home, from the coffee table to the entryway floor.

Tip: Succulents may be small, but they can have a major impact. Try adding a few succulents to surfaces around your home.


How are you using floral/greenery at the start of 2019? Be sure to tag us @kirklands for a chance to be featured!