Tips For Tidying Up: Bathroom Edition

Kirkland's - Bathroom Organization

The best way to start the year is with your style on full display and everything stored neatly in its place. Yes, that’s right, it is possible to stash everything in an orderly manner without sacrificing style.

We’ve compiled some simple solutions to help you tidy up around your home, one room at a time. Today, we start with the bathroom. Lotions and towels and tiny décor pieces, oh my! Here are a few ideas to help you make your bathroom a little more beautiful and little more functional.


Walls are a wonderful thing

Kirkland's - Wood and Metal Double Shelf Unit
Kirkland's - Double Basket Wall Shelf with Hooks
Kirkland's - White Woven Drop Front Wall Pocket

For some reason, we seem to ignore walls for everything but décor. We want to encourage you to take advantage of the wall space you have in your bathroom. It can help you clear out cabinets and drawers and free up your floor.

A hanging shelf is the perfect place to show off your favorite potted plant.  A woven wall basket can become a home for towels. A hook is an ideal spot to hang a robe to wear after you take a shower or bath.

Your walls are your friends, and they can be as practical as they are pretty.


Up, not out

Kirkland's - Three-Tier White and Black Decorative Stand
Kirkland's -  Tyler Vintage Gray Storage Cabinet
Kirkland's - Gray Metal Baskets Tower Storage Shelf

Make the most of your vertical space. Search for a tall shelving unit, cabinet or storage tower, and watch how much space you save.

Using a short stool to grab a new towel is a small price to pay for an uncluttered floor. Your guests will be thankful to have fewer baskets to trip over on the floor. Plus, it’s nice to have space to store extra towels instead of stowing them away in a closet down the hall. If you organize all your essentials well, you should even have enough room to add a few small plaques or fun pieces to a shelf.


Baskets are always a classic

Kirkland's - Woven Storage Baskets

While you don’t want to go overboard on baskets, they are always a wonderful addition to any bathroom. Small baskets can serve as a catch-all and slide out of sight. Larger baskets can act as a side table and store towels. The truth is, baskets will always be in style.


We hope these ideas help you out. Have any tips of your own? Be sure to share them by tagging @kirklands and stay tuned for the next post in our tidying up series!