Warming Up Your Home For Summer

The sweltering summer months are upon us! Rather than sweating the warm weather, we’ve got some tips for warming up your home and making the most of June, July and August. These four easy updates will instantly make your home brighter and welcoming.

Go green


A little greenery/floral is never a bad idea, but during summertime, the right greenery is essential! Look for lush green plants or wreaths to scatter throughout your home. Nothing will make your home feel more summery than rich pops of green and a little natural light. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a green thumb. Feel free to use real plants or artificial arrangements to create the desired effect.

Incorporate tropical accents

Try decorating with tropical accents to create the summer vibe you desire. We personally love using pineapple-themed pieces because from figurines to art, this delicious fruit screams summer. If pineapples aren’t your style, there are always trays, vases and other items inspired by palm branches. Complete the tropical look with woven wood and bamboo favorites.

Don’t weave it up to chance

Woven pieces are perfect for this time of year. We love the natural look of baskets and accent tables formed by fun fibers. While we love wood, seagrass and water hyacinth, we particularly recommend saying yes to jute. Jute can be woven into all kinds of products (placemats and pillows), but we particularly love the look of jute rugs. They’ll help you tastefully incorporate summer textures and patterns throughout your space before your tropical look starts looking too close to a rainforest.

Find the ideal summer scent

It may sound silly, but the right smell can help set the mood/vibe you’re going for. Search for a candle that fits the style you’ve selected and gives off the aroma you’re after. You could opt for the smell of the ocean air or the sweet smell of sugar cane. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you could always aim for something that recreates the simple smell of the summer air or reminds you of your favorite cocktail.

How are you decorating for the summer months? Tag us on social media to show off your style! If you’re looking for some summer decorating essentials, be sure to shop our new Tropical Oasis Collection.