Get Your Patio Ready For A Party

In search of the perfect spot to make memories on a summer night? You don’t have to look much farther than your back door. With just a few simple additions or updates, your patio can become the summer destination for friends and family.

Here are eight must-haves to transform a normal backyard into an outdoor oasis.

1. Tables

174998_1 (2).jpg

A nice table is the ideal focal point for a memorable summer evening. Select a table (wood, stainless steel, glass, etc.) to suit your style, but the most important thing to remember is you’ve created a central point where guests can gather for a meal and good conversation.

2. Umbrellas

There aren’t many ways to beat the sweltering heat of summer, but umbrellas are as good an option as any. Search for a functional umbrella to provide a little shade at your table, or if you have a pool, find one to give guests a break from the sun as they relax in a lounge chair.

3. Wicker Furniture

No outdoor setup is complete without wicker pieces. This durable outdoor furniture is affordable, looks great and screams summer. Neutral colors make it easy to mix in pops of color with other items.

4. Fun Cushions + Pillows

We just mentioned mixing in fun colors of summer, and there’s no better way to do that than with your cushions and pillows. Feel free to experiment with bright colors and exciting patterns. The right cushions and pillows will warm up your patio in a hurry!

5. Fire Pits

You’ll probably spend more time around an outdoor table, but a fire pit is a great secondary gathering point. When there’s a night with cooler-than-normal temperatures and you’ve wrapped up dinner, carry on the conversation around a small fire and make some s’mores.

6. Décor

Get creative with your outdoor décor! Find outdoor mats, rugs, garden statues and flag sets that show off your personality and get people excited for an evening outside.

7. Lighting

It’s easy to let your style shine through with all the outdoor lighting options available. Select from garden torches, lanterns and patio string lights to create the right atmosphere.

8. Flowers & Greenery

Try starting a rose garden, potting marigolds or featuring lush ferns around your patio. Fresh flowers and greenery will make your backyard seem a little more alive. We particularly love bright colors provided by blooming flowers.