Go A Little Glam With Your Decor

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We recently collaborated with Trisha Yearwood to give you a collection that is both glam and easy to incorporate in your everyday home décor. After seeing the beautiful collection Trisha inspired, it becomes even more clear that this country music superstar can do it all! 

We know you're eager to shop the new selection, so we asked our Kirkland's Insiders to provide some ideas on how to style Trisha's favorites. Keep on reading for a little inspiration and be sure to tag us on social media with photos or videos of how you featured these fabulous new looks in your space.

Jacqueline | Welcoming Home

If you need a little proof to believe the white and gold console table is a statement piece, Jacqueline is providing the evidence. Not only does she give us a close look at the table itself (to show off the cool texture and detailed craftsmanship), she displays several different styling options. From a look featuring heavy floral touches to a more sentimental approach, Jacqueline reveals there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to refreshing a room with this Trisha Yearwood favorite!

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Madison | The Midwest Skinny

Sometimes you need a safe place to store special keepsakes. Madison is turning this decorative box with a leaf clasp into a treasure chest for her son. She is having friends and family members write a personal letter to Spencer William every year, and the letters are being tucked away in something that doubles as an everyday accent. We’re so excited for Spencer to open the box and read sweet notes of sentiment on his 18th birthday!



Cassie is preparing the table for a special occasion! She’s setting the table with her grandmother’s fine china and these beautiful chargers from Trisha’s new collection. Soft accents of color, floral touches and a little vintage flair complete the look for a storybook dinner party. A memorable spring evening awaits everyone in attendance!


Kim | Hunt & Host

Occasionally all you need is the right accent to bring an entire room together. In this case, the mother of pearl leaf vase acts as the glue to piece everything together. It fits perfectly with the piano it rests on and the fun tassels hanging behind it. The cream/off-white color really comes to life with the vase sitting in front of the blue wall.  Kim has created a clean, sophisticated look with bold contrasts of color, and it’s making the entire room sing.

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Ramika | RQ Charming Homes

Ramika is proving a perfectly styled console table can be the piece to tie an entire room together. This elegant white and gold stage features a neutral-colored lamp and neutral colored accents with the cactus providing a pop of green. The whole look, centered on the console table and set against the exposed brick wall, helps anchor the space.


Lauren | The Holtz House

Lauren is giving her mantel a makeover with the collection’s leaf clasp box. At first glance, the box could be made of marble. It’s a perfect addition to the candles already adorning the space above the fireplace and the galvanized windmill plaque hanging on the wall. The box raises the overall aesthetic to a more sophisticated level, and it does so without losing the simple, clean look. The flourishes of greenery around the box add a final dimension and really make the gold leaf clasp stand out.


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