Introducing Half Full

Turning a house into a home can feel overwhelming. Hosting parties seems hard. Getting organized appears impossible with kids running around causing chaos. Finding the right furniture or decorations to suit your space looks more like a dream than reality from time to time.

“Half Full” is here to inspire you daily and remind you the happy home you crave is much closer than you think! Styling a console table can be fun and easy. Let us show you how! The perfect dish for your next party might only require a slow cooker instead of hours of labor. Let us share our secrets! Decorating for holidays is never something you should dread. We have pointers to make it more manageable and exciting.

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Brought to you by the people who love home as much as you do


Every person working on “Half Full” has as big of a heart for home as you do, from the photographers who set the inspirational scenes you see to the web developers who make the site look so beautiful. We’ve partnered with some of your favorite bloggers (our Kirkland’s Insiders) to provide additional expertise and ideas. All the content you see is produced by people looking to make their homes a little happier, just like you. We all love and value different things, so whether your idea of a happy home is a peaceful retreat or party central, we have something for you.

 photographer, mckenna picks out products to inspire

photographer, mckenna picks out products to inspire


"Life is better when you live it half full"

- Jack, Copywriter

 Here you can see the beginning phases of our new blog design!

Here you can see the beginning phases of our new blog design!

"I've really enjoyed designing every aspect of this. I'm looking forward to finally sharing our blog with the people who inspired the whole look and feel- our customers!"

-Megan, Graphic Designer

 photographer, emily, works hard to bring décor ideas to life

photographer, emily, works hard to bring décor ideas to life

Tips, tricks, inspiration, recipes and more are in your future, so check back often to stay in the loop! Remember, an ordinary space can become your happy place with just a few minor updates.


8 Reasons To Stay In

We think you deserve a nice day spent in the comfort of your own home. So gather up your cozy favorites and settle in for a stay-at-home day to remember. If you’re on the fence about giving yourself some well-deserved rest and relaxation, here are eight reasons you might want to stay in.

It’s raining or snowing or there’s something else falling from the sky

 Photo by  Joy Stamp  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joy Stamp on Unsplash

Whatever it is, it’s definitely not worth the risk of going outside when your home is this cozy. Wrapping yourself up in some plush throws or burying yourself in a pile of pillows sounds much safer and more pleasant.

There’s a marathon of your favorite TV show coming on

 Photo by  JESHOOTS.COM  on  Unsplash

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

This is must-see TV, even if you’ve already seen it 20 times. The only real reason to move is if you can’t find the remote.

Your cozy apparel needs some love


Those robes, sleep shirts and slippers are dying to be worn. All of your blankets and pillows are calling your name. It would be cruel to ignore them, right?

You and your bed need some quality time


So what if you spend nights together? Sometimes it takes a little longer to connect. Spending the day together can work wonders for your relationship.

You can get food delivered


If you’re not feeling up to cooking, you don’t have to go pick food up. You don’t even have to call to place an order! Someone will bring enough food to feed a small army right to your doorstep, and if you want to make your own meals, you can just get your groceries delivered. You can’t lose, and you don’t have to go any farther than your front door.

You earned it

177177, 181179, 178397, 177179_social.jpg

You’ve turned your home into your happy place, and you’re a hard worker. You deserve to treat yourself to a day off from time to time. It’s time to enjoy the space you’ve worked so hard to create.

You can have your own spa day at home


Bath bombs and face masks? Check. Hand cream and body lotion? Check. You can store everything you need for a special spa day in one of your cabinets. 

Pollen exists


Spring can be a serious struggle for people with allergies. Just going outside can make your nose run and your eyes start to water. If you stay inside, you can spend quality time with a face mask instead of a mask to spare you from the pollen.

The Graduation Party Checklist


Compile a guest list

It’s hard to do anything without a guest list. Does your graduate want to invite a small group or host a huge gathering? You need to finalize your guest list before you can really start planning the party.

Pick a theme or arrange some exciting activities

What kind of party are you going to throw? Is it a pool party or a backyard barbeque? Maybe it’s a normal party with a few fun to-dos like a photo wall, a snow cone stand or a popcorn cart. Figuring out activities or a theme is crucial to the next steps.

Pick a venue

Choose the appropriate venue depending on the size of the guest list and theme. If you need to rent a space, book the neighborhood pool or borrow a friend’s backyard, make the necessary arrangements. If you can host the party in your own home, fantastic!

Don’t forget to consider parking at this stage. This is particularly important if you’re hosting the party at your house. Make sure there is ample parking for the amount of people you invite.

Send invitations

Now that you’ve gotten most of the details ironed out, send invitations. It might be the digital age, but there’s nothing quite like a paper invitation. No matter which route you go, make sure to include all the necessary details (date, time, location, parking instructions) and have the feel of the invitation match the theme or activities you decided on.


Get the gear

There’s no going back once you’ve sent out invites, so start gathering all the essentials for the party! Beverage dispensers, cups, paper plates, napkins, tables, tablecloths, chairs, cotton candy machines and photo booths, oh my! Remember to make some phone calls and see what you can borrow before you buy.

Find the perfect playlist

You can’t have a party without music, but this one should be easy. Figure out what playlist your graduate loves to listen to and have it play the background at the party.

Prepare or order the required food & drink

You want all the food and beverage options to be fresh when guests arrive. Prepare as much as possible before the party (dips, fruit trays, etc), but hold off on things that may spoil or need to be fresh. We recommend having something catered to make life easier on you. A fajita bar or barbecue spread from a local restaurant is never a bad idea.

Enjoy the party

As guests filter in and the party gets going, soak it all in. Have people snag photos to make sure the memories last forever. This is a moment worth celebrating and a moment worth remembering.


Bring Spring Home With The Flower Market


Floral Favorites

Has floral ever been more fashionable than it is right now? It’s everywhere! Real floral, faux floral and floral prints have taken over, and we can’t get enough of it. In fact, we love floral so much we’ve decided to refresh our flower market. We believe floral is always in style, particularly during springtime, so come shop our new selection.


Build Your Own Bouquet

Are you feeling a little adventurous? If so, we’ve made shopping for floral more fun than ever before! Visit your local Kirkland’s and make a stop at our flower cart to build your own bouquet. There are so many options to choose from and countless possibilities for combining floral elements and vases. Building a bouquet is easy and fun. Simply select one of our many vases or planters to get started. After you have the perfect base for your bouquet, start combining your floral favorites with touches of greenery. Put them in your vase or planter and make small tweaks, adding or removing elements as you see fit. Eventually you'll have the beautiful bouquet you deserve.


Pre-Assembled Arrangements

Not ready to make your own arrangement just yet? Not sure where to start? That’s okay! We have plenty of chances for you to get your fix of floral favorites. Shop succulents, centerpieces and pre-assembled arrangements (in planters, crates, vases and buckets). You’ll be building your own arrangements in no time!


Inspiration from the Kirkland’s Insiders

If you’re in search of a little inspiration, our Kirkland’s Insiders are around to give you a few great ideas. See how they shopped The Flower Market in their blogs and videos below:

Feeling inspired? Visit your local store and start shopping! Be sure to share how you style by tagging us on social.


Mother's Day Gift Guide



Mom might be a superhero, but even she needs a break sometimes! These throws are comfy and affordable, and they are perfect for curling up and staying warm.


Frames & Collages

Memorable moments should be captured and kept forever. These frames and collages will make sure Mom’s fond memories last a lifetime.

178101, 178376, 178394_email.jpg

Floral Centerpieces

Setting the table for a big spring gathering can be stressful. Give Mom a floral centerpiece to help her freshen things up and make it an evening to remember.


Essential Oils & Diffusers

Overall health (mental, physical and emotional) is of the utmost importance. Promote well-being with a gift of essential oils and diffusers.

169166, 166564, 179470, 168499, 168501, 169391, 179873_email.jpg


It's hard to beat a gift that's used frequently, and Mom will love taking this present everywhere! These monogram tumblers are practical and precious.



Journaling is good for the soul. Give Mom one of these sentiment journals to preserve all the memorable little moments.


Spa & Pamper

Telling someone to treat herself is never a bad decision. Shop our selection of spa and pamper items and give Mom a chance to enjoy some rest and relaxation. From body lotion to bath bombs, we’ve got it all covered!



Give Mom the gift of a good night’s sleep! Our robes, sleep shirts and slippers will make it difficult to get out of bed and get the day going, and we don’t think there’s a problem with staying in every once in a while. ;)

172407, 175865,172405, 172406, 177705_email.jpg
171718, 174566, 174568, 175861, 175863, 177137_email.jpg

Decorating With Natural Elements

168186, 176141, 176152, 176226, 176238, 177482, 177707_1.jpg

Organic elements, dark wood and yellow accents are featured throughout our Terrain Lane Collection. The authentic-looking greenery, lemons and rich wood pieces display the appeal of natural living.

Sometimes simple is really worth celebrating!



When life gives you lemons…

Use them as decorative accents throughout your home! The little pops of yellow brighten a room and make it feel alive! There are a number of ways to put this natural look to work in your space. Here are a few ideas from our Kirkland’s Insiders.


Carissa | Bless This Nest: Carissa wanted to make her kitchen feel fresh and clean, so she added this beautiful lemon canvas above her sink. The canvas, along with some greenery, hydrangeas and lemons, is doing its job! We want to spend some serious time in this kitchen.


Adding green stems and actual lemons isn’t the only way to show your space some love this season. Sometimes it’s as simple as squeezing a little bit of spring out of a pillow like Merichelle and Deb!

Jenny | A Clean Prism Life: Is there a better way to brighten a home than putting lemons on the doorstep? After seeing Jenny welcome guests with this lemons doormat, we’re not sure there is! This happy home starts at the front door.


176421_1 (3).jpg

Adding some greenery

Nothing screams “renewal” quite like lush greenery. Whether it’s on your front porch or sprinkled throughout your home, those rich greens breathe new life into any space.


Amy | Cuter Tudor: Galvanized metal and greenery are a perfect pairing in Amy’s blog! She’s decided to layer this welcome sign (featuring a wood frame, galvanized metal and green moss) from the Terrain Lane Collection with a magnolia wreath. Some fresh flowers and a few other finishing touches complete the look.


Erin Spain | A Home, DIY & Lifestyle Blog: Great greenery needs a great home, and this geometric vase is the perfect place for lush leaves to rest in Erin’s mom cave!


Julie and Michaela | Two Hens Styling & Design: Feeling adventurous? Julie and Michaela have a great DIY idea for an indoor planter. Check out their step-by-step instructions!


Hopefully these examples leave you feeling inspired!

To shop our Terrain Lane Collection click here!

176425, 176224, 179234_1,.jpg

Go A Little Glam With Your Decor

177162, 177398, 177399, 177400, 177401, 177404, 177462, 178026, 178027_hero.jpg

We recently collaborated with Trisha Yearwood to give you a collection that is both glam and easy to incorporate in your everyday home décor. After seeing the beautiful collection Trisha inspired, it becomes even more clear that this country music superstar can do it all! 

We know you're eager to shop the new selection, so we asked our Kirkland's Insiders to provide some ideas on how to style Trisha's favorites. Keep on reading for a little inspiration and be sure to tag us on social media with photos or videos of how you featured these fabulous new looks in your space.

Jacqueline | Welcoming Home

If you need a little proof to believe the white and gold console table is a statement piece, Jacqueline is providing the evidence. Not only does she give us a close look at the table itself (to show off the cool texture and detailed craftsmanship), she displays several different styling options. From a look featuring heavy floral touches to a more sentimental approach, Jacqueline reveals there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to refreshing a room with this Trisha Yearwood favorite!

(click through the images to see more!)

Madison | The Midwest Skinny

Sometimes you need a safe place to store special keepsakes. Madison is turning this decorative box with a leaf clasp into a treasure chest for her son. She is having friends and family members write a personal letter to Spencer William every year, and the letters are being tucked away in something that doubles as an everyday accent. We’re so excited for Spencer to open the box and read sweet notes of sentiment on his 18th birthday!



Cassie is preparing the table for a special occasion! She’s setting the table with her grandmother’s fine china and these beautiful chargers from Trisha’s new collection. Soft accents of color, floral touches and a little vintage flair complete the look for a storybook dinner party. A memorable spring evening awaits everyone in attendance!


Kim | Hunt & Host

Occasionally all you need is the right accent to bring an entire room together. In this case, the mother of pearl leaf vase acts as the glue to piece everything together. It fits perfectly with the piano it rests on and the fun tassels hanging behind it. The cream/off-white color really comes to life with the vase sitting in front of the blue wall.  Kim has created a clean, sophisticated look with bold contrasts of color, and it’s making the entire room sing.

Hunt and Host.PNG

Ramika | RQ Charming Homes

Ramika is proving a perfectly styled console table can be the piece to tie an entire room together. This elegant white and gold stage features a neutral-colored lamp and neutral colored accents with the cactus providing a pop of green. The whole look, centered on the console table and set against the exposed brick wall, helps anchor the space.


Lauren | The Holtz House

Lauren is giving her mantel a makeover with the collection’s leaf clasp box. At first glance, the box could be made of marble. It’s a perfect addition to the candles already adorning the space above the fireplace and the galvanized windmill plaque hanging on the wall. The box raises the overall aesthetic to a more sophisticated level, and it does so without losing the simple, clean look. The flourishes of greenery around the box add a final dimension and really make the gold leaf clasp stand out.


To see more product in the Trisha Yearwood Collection: Click Here!

177162, 177396, 177397, 177400, 177460, 177461, 177463, 177464_hero.jpg