Top 10 Fall Finds for Under $25

One struggle we often hear regards decorating for certain seasons without breaking the bank. Well, we’re here to tell you it *is* possible, and it’s not as overwhelming as you might think.

Pick and choose your pieces carefully, and watch your home transform before your eyes. An accent pillow can have an incredible impact. The right doormat can set the mood for the evening from the time your friends step on your front porch. A sentiment plaque can say a lot with only a few words.

With fall on the way, we’ve picked out ten of our favorite items from our Harvest Collection. We’re confident they’ll help you get in the spirit of the season. The best news about them? They’re all available for under $25!


Metallic Gold Thankful Accent Pillow ($17.99)

Add some flair to your favorite chair with this accent pillow. The sentimental message in a bold pop of gold is the ideal way to let your friends know that fall has arrived in your home.


Gingham Flag & Pumpkin Pennant Banner ($14.99)

Show your walls some love this season with this festive banner. Plaid and pumpkin are proving once again that they’re a terrific combination.


Happy Fall Y’all Truck Doormat ($12.99)

Greet every guest in style with a delightful doormat. A sweet message and an old-fashioned truck with pumpkins piled high in the back. What more can you ask for from a doormat?


Copper Pumpkin Geometric Floral Arrangement ($16.99)

Copper is one of the trends everybody is talking about for autumn. This floral arrangement is a great choice for anyone who feels overwhelmed by too much orange or too many pumpkins. Subtle is always worth celebrating.


Buffalo Check Fabric Pumpkins ($3.99 or $8.99)

What do you get when you combine fall’s favorite item with one of the most iconic patterns of the season? These pumpkins can be used throughout your home to inspire a little harvest love.


White Welcome Fall Metal Sign ($19.99)

This sign is simply delightful. The colors are perfect for any palette. The message is sweet and simple. With enamel coating to top it all off, we’re not sure there’s anything more appropriate to hang on your walls for the coming months.


Cream Pumpkin and Magnolia Fall Wreath ($14.99)

A small wreath on the back of a chair makes your seating options feel a little more special. Cream pumpkins, pine cones and magnolia leaves combine here to create a simple look that inspires numerous fall feelings.


Fall Metallic Elements Filler ($10.99)

Does any part of your home just need a little “something” extra? This filler is the solution you seek. Add some shine to your space with a little bowl of gold.

163814_1 2.jpg

Pumpkin Harvest Gallery Art Print ($19.99)

There’s just something so appealing about this print. Beautiful leaves. Pumpkins. Hay. An old truck. It is possible to inspire some classic charm with affordable art.


Wood Pumpkin With Galvanized Metal Leaves ($24.99)

This pumpkin is made for the porch. Prop it up next to a plaque or a miniature wagon to make your front steps stand out from other houses on the street.

164974_1 2.jpg

5-Step Guide for the Perfect Fall Porch

It’s hard to believe cooler weather is starting to creep up on us, but September is only a month away! We anticipate autumn at Kirkland’s because we want to inspire fall feelings with our décor the moment the leaves start to change colors.

There are numerous ways to embrace the spirit of the season, but a front porch makeover is perhaps the best place to start. Here’s a five-step guide to transform a summer stoop into something special for fall.

1. Start around the door

Making the front door the focal point of a porch isn’t a new idea, and that’s okay. Start with some garland around the frame and select a mat that speaks to your soul. These two favorites will ensure all your other décor falls into place.

harvest doormats.jpg

2. Set up seating

Unless your home is really doing something different, your front steps might not be the most comfortable spot to sit for an extended period of time. Lucky for you, it’s easy to set up fall-themed seating. Find a comfy bench to place next to the door and make it scream fall with some fun throw pillows. When done right, house guests might not even want to go inside.

3. Work your way out

Slowly work away from the door and fill the space with décor you love. Find fall art to lean against the walls and pumpkins to set the mood. Large lanterns show off serious style and provide practical light in the evening. The porch is your canvas. Paint a picture that makes you happy!


4. Don’t neglect the steps

Cluttering the front steps with excess décor is definitely something to avoid, but subtle additions can make a massive difference. Try setting up small lanterns, candles or planters on the outer edges of your step(s) to add an extra element to your decorations. It’s easier than you think to make the most of this underused space without blocking foot traffic.

5.  Add the finishing touches

Take a step back and look at the great work you’ve done. Note what’s missing or what seems off and correct it. Perhaps the door needs a colorful wreath, or maybe a cute pumpkin cart would complete the look you’re going for. Make these tiny tweaks to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We’d love to see the looks you create this fall. Be sure to tag @kirklands on social media for a chance to be featured! If you have any other great tips for fall decorating, don’t hesitate to share. We always love learning your tricks to create a happy home!

Our Favorite Looks From You: Summer Edition

We absolutely love when you share photos and videos of how you’re styling your space. You influence us every day with your passion and creativity, and we think it would be selfish not to share your incredible work with the world. Here are 10 looks we love from some of our biggest supporters. We hope you find them inspirational and helpful as you look to refresh and renew the décor around your home or office.



This doormat already guarantees a warm welcome, but @rosefreshour is proving it can be even more precious depending on who is arriving.



A little greenery brings a breath of fresh air to any room, and planters are no exception. Planters don’t have to be boring, though, and @golden_touch__ is proving that by suspending them from the ceiling.

178101, 178376, 178394_email.jpg


It’s possible to add comfort and pops of color to your outdoor space at the same time. The right pillows are an essential part of the look @modernchicinteriors put together for the summer. Oh, and they’re quite comfy!


Bikini Bags

Conveniently carry all your faves for beach day like @werethejoneses. These stylish bikini bags look good and serve an even greater purpose.

169166, 166564, 179470, 168499, 168501, 169391, 179873_email.jpg

Porch Rules

There’s nothing like spending time on the porch on a summer evening, @mamaofthewildones wants her guests to know the rules. Relaxing, making memories and soaking in the summer air are all on the list.


Outdoor Dining

It looks like @seekinglavenderlane is ready for her friends and family to gather around the table for a memorable summer night. We love how she’s putting this fun dinnerware to work.


Bistro Sets

Sometimes you just need a spot to take a seat and beat the heat. Bistro sets are a great option for all ages and @cambriaexodus is making it known.



Keep your favorite beverage cold in this sweltering summer heat with a tumbler. Make sure to find one that shows off who you are like @jacquelyn.bender.

172407, 175865,172405, 172406, 177705_email.jpg

Summer Vibes

The fun feelings of summer are contagious, and you can spread them in a number of ways. You can even opt for a sun hat like @chiclysouthern .


Summer Snacks

Little snacks are popular in every season, and it’s key to find the perfect container for storage. These jars look great on @athomewithkendra counter.


Want to be featured in a future blog or on our social media? Start styling today and tag @kirklands for a chance to be part of a post in the coming months.

Fall Decor Trends

There’s still plenty of summertime to savor, but it’s never a bad idea to start planning or purchasing for the upcoming season. With that in mind, here’s some great news:

The Harvest Collection has arrived.


That’s right! Everyone’s fall favorites are available in Kirkland’s stores across the country and at Before taking a trip to stock up on autumn essentials, here’s a closer look at some of the season’s hottest trends you’ll see throughout the collection.

Buffalo Check

Plaid patterns are perfect for decorating during the fall, and buffalo check is hard to beat. From pumpkins to pennants (and everything in between), items with the unmistakably bold blocks of color are in high demand. It’s easy to layer in these fun fabrics due to their perfect color scheme. Whites, grays and blacks are an ideal option for a more neutral palette. Various shades of orange help add fall flair, but they’re also muted enough to suit even the most subtle look.


Enamel items are what everyone is talking about this season. They have a more durable exterior than comparable choices, and they fit well with any style. Enamel is quickly becoming a fan favorite because black and white go well with anything.


Metallic pieces are a great way to make a statement. Whether they feature traditional gold accents or the copper coloring brought in for fall, these accessories are a great way to ensure every corner of a home says “fall is here.”



Velvet is becoming a hot style throughout the year, and the Harvest Collection is no exception. This soft fabric plays a major role across a wide range of items, from pillows to decorative pumpkins and acorns. When you add velvet, you’re layering in another popular texture and giving a delightful look even more depth.

Mixing & Matching

These autumn trends are good on their own, but they’re even greater together! Fortunately, it’s not hard to create a look featuring all of these in demand styles. Simply pick a color palette and start decorating. If you have a clear color palette in mind, it’ll be much easier to mix and match your favorite pieces.

Don’t worry if decorating seems overwhelming. We’ll be back with another post in the next few weeks to help guide you along the way to a happy harvest home.

Dorm Decor Checklist

Photo Jul 10, 5 20 23 PM.jpg

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but school is right around the corner. Although summer break is coming to an end, the mood doesn’t have to be doom and gloom.

The start of a new semester is always an exciting time, especially for incoming college students. We know the idea of dorm life can seem a bit dreary, so we’ve compiled a list to help you turn your (or your favorite college student’s) dorm room from drab to fab! With this list, a small living space with cold, concrete walls can become a fun place to live, work and play.

Pillows & Throws

A dorm room almost certainly spells a tiny, twin bed, which doesn’t provide much space for sprawling out to sleep. However, even a twin bed can be transformed into the premier place to crash after a long day of classes. Add some fun pillows and throws to make that little mattress feel a lot larger. Even college students can sleep like a king or queen.

Photo Jul 10, 4 46 42 PM.jpg

Storage Solutions

Space is limited in just about every dorm room, and making the most of that space is absolutely essential. One way to combat a potentially chaotic, claustrophobic living situation is to find versatile storage solutions. Storage towers, shelving units and bins are all your friends. Storage options that rise vertically save space, and they provide a platform for showing off style. Bins keep possessions in a compact space, and they can be slipped under a bed or desk or stored on a shelf.

Photo Jul 10, 4 57 22 PM.jpg

Magic Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the door, which college student has the cleanest floor? Over-the-door mirrors save so much space. They free up walls for décor. They also keep the floor clutter-free, unlike leaners or free-standing mirrors. This particular mirror is nice and tall, making it perfect for getting dressed.

Photo Jul 10, 4 48 38 PM.jpg


There’s no fancy tip or trick to this one, but a hamper is absolutely necessary. Every abode needs a place to put dirty clothes and sheets. For a little more flair, try a monogram hamper or find one with a fun pattern.

Area Rugs

Forgettable floors are a staple in dorm rooms, and walking on them without socks can feel like a barefoot trek through the snow. Fortunately, an area rug can work wonders for the feelings a room inspires. It can also keep feet from freezing indoors!

Organization Essentials

College is a crazy time. Between classes, concerts, clubs, games and everything else to offer, it’s hard to keep everything straight. Getting organized (at least on some level) is crucial. An organization set like this one makes sure no task is left undone and no event is left unattended. But this is just one idea. A large dry erase board, a personal planner or an oversized calendar may do the job for some students. We encourage everyone to find what works for them and to stick with it.


Décor is the key to making a dorm room feel like home. Cover the walls with posters or plaques. Find a fun theme to tie everything together. Fill shelves with figurines or photo frames. Make the room your own! Even the smallest of spaces can be a personal slice of paradise if you maximize every inch available.

Photo Jul 10, 4 48 16 PM.jpg

Mix & Match Seating Guide

Gone are the days when every chair at the table had to be identical, and we couldn’t be more thankful. While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional ‘matching table and chairs’ look, we love the freedom of mixing and matching seating options at the dining table. We see it as another opportunity to get creative and let style shine through.

Going from a safe table setting to showing off your visionary spirit can seem intimidating, but when it comes to mix and match seating, it’s a lot easier than you think! Here are a few ideas to turn your dining room into the most exciting space in your home.

Don’t be afraid to mix chair styles

170843, 172715, 167243_vertical.jpg

Don’t stress out or overthink it. It’s okay to put a parsons chair next to a spindle chair. Feeling bold?  Pair parsons chairs and x-back chairs for an edgy look. Try experimenting with a few different settings, and eventually you’ll find one you love. If you feel like your choices are starting to clash with each other, take a step back to some more complementary pieces.  

It’s okay to mix colors and patterns

A stained wood table, black spindle chairs and a couple of cream parsons chairs walk into a dining room… Seriously, it’s all right to take a little freedom with color. It’s okay if the table and everything around it don’t have the exact same stain or shade. Try fun patterns for an additional layer of style.

Chairs are just the beginning

158951, 158950, 161448_social.jpg

There’s so much more to seating than chairs. Make a statement when guests go to sit down at the table by bringing in a bench. Running the length of the table, a bench is a bold but fun choice. Your guests will always remember dining at your house because you dared to be different.

What does your dining room look like right now? Are you going to try something new by mixing and matching the pieces in your home? We’d love to see what you can come up with! Be sure to tag @Kirklands to show off your style, and if you need any help finding the right pieces, we have so many seating options for you to shop!

Bring The Big Screen Home

A trip to the movie theater might be expensive, but you can create a magical movie experience at home! It’s time to bring the big screen to your backyard and enjoy a night with friends, family and popcorn.

Pick out a movie and create a guest list because we’ve got your guide to a memorable movie night below! Here’s how you can throw a spectacular show and put your local cinema to shame.

Get the proper equipment

Pull out your projector (or borrow one) and set up a screen outside. If you don’t have an actual projector screen, hanging a white sheet will do the trick. Make sure the projection is centered and focused and be sure your sheet is securely fastened. A mid-movie sheet fiasco must be avoided at all costs.

Find the perfect amount of lighting

Just enough light. That’s the sweet spot for viewing a movie. Too much light makes it hard to see the picture. Not enough light leaves people tripping over feet or falling down steps. Use lanterns or string lights to create some practical ambiance. Pretty + Practical = Perfect.

Lay down the blankets and pile up the pillows

Many movie theaters now have recliners, but you can make your guests more comfortable than the local cinema. Blankets, pillows, poufs, beanbags and chairs will make sure every person has the best seat in the house. Your guests will be able to get comfortable however they please.

Pop popcorn and then pop more popcorn

There’s no such thing as too much popcorn at a movie night. Be sure to make plenty before pressing play because having to hit pause halfway through is a real downer. Popcorn is the perfect snack to go with a great movie.

Satisfy every sweet tooth

As good as popcorn is, a movie night isn’t complete without a little candy or some sweets. Assemble a snack station or set out trays with chocolate and sugary snacks. If you really want to wow your audience, set up a s’mores station.

smores_square (3).jpg

Be courteous and silence your cell phones

We’re kidding! You’ve basically formed your own film festival, and now you deserve to enjoy the show. Send us a photo of your backyard movie theater by tagging @Kirklands on social media. We can’t wait to see your spin on movie night!

Introducing Half Full

Turning a house into a home can feel overwhelming. Hosting parties seems hard. Getting organized appears impossible with kids running around causing chaos. Finding the right furniture or decorations to suit your space looks more like a dream than reality from time to time.

“Half Full” is here to inspire you daily and remind you the happy home you crave is much closer than you think! Styling a console table can be fun and easy. Let us show you how! The perfect dish for your next party might only require a slow cooker instead of hours of labor. Let us share our secrets! Decorating for holidays is never something you should dread. We have pointers to make it more manageable and exciting.

Tips, tricks, inspiration, recipes and more are in your future, so subscribe below to stay in the loop! Remember, an ordinary space can become your happy place with just a few minor updates.




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 photographer, mckenna picks out products to inspire

photographer, mckenna picks out products to inspire


"Life is better when you live it half full"

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 Here you can see the beginning phases of our new blog design!

Here you can see the beginning phases of our new blog design!

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 photographer, emily, works hard to bring décor ideas to life

photographer, emily, works hard to bring décor ideas to life

Tips, tricks, inspiration, recipes and more are in your future, so check back often to stay in the loop! Remember, an ordinary space can become your happy place with just a few minor updates.


Get Your Patio Ready For A Party

In search of the perfect spot to make memories on a summer night? You don’t have to look much farther than your back door. With just a few simple additions or updates, your patio can become the summer destination for friends and family.

Here are eight must-haves to transform a normal backyard into an outdoor oasis.

1. Tables

174998_1 (2).jpg

A nice table is the ideal focal point for a memorable summer evening. Select a table (wood, stainless steel, glass, etc.) to suit your style, but the most important thing to remember is you’ve created a central point where guests can gather for a meal and good conversation.

2. Umbrellas

There aren’t many ways to beat the sweltering heat of summer, but umbrellas are as good an option as any. Search for a functional umbrella to provide a little shade at your table, or if you have a pool, find one to give guests a break from the sun as they relax in a lounge chair.

3. Wicker Furniture

No outdoor setup is complete without wicker pieces. This durable outdoor furniture is affordable, looks great and screams summer. Neutral colors make it easy to mix in pops of color with other items.

4. Fun Cushions + Pillows

We just mentioned mixing in fun colors of summer, and there’s no better way to do that than with your cushions and pillows. Feel free to experiment with bright colors and exciting patterns. The right cushions and pillows will warm up your patio in a hurry!

5. Fire Pits

You’ll probably spend more time around an outdoor table, but a fire pit is a great secondary gathering point. When there’s a night with cooler-than-normal temperatures and you’ve wrapped up dinner, carry on the conversation around a small fire and make some s’mores.

6. Décor

Get creative with your outdoor décor! Find outdoor mats, rugs, garden statues and flag sets that show off your personality and get people excited for an evening outside.

7. Lighting

It’s easy to let your style shine through with all the outdoor lighting options available. Select from garden torches, lanterns and patio string lights to create the right atmosphere.

8. Flowers & Greenery

Try starting a rose garden, potting marigolds or featuring lush ferns around your patio. Fresh flowers and greenery will make your backyard seem a little more alive. We particularly love bright colors provided by blooming flowers.

Warming Up Your Home For Summer

The sweltering summer months are upon us! Rather than sweating the warm weather, we’ve got some tips for warming up your home and making the most of June, July and August. These four easy updates will instantly make your home brighter and welcoming.

Go green


A little greenery/floral is never a bad idea, but during summertime, the right greenery is essential! Look for lush green plants or wreaths to scatter throughout your home. Nothing will make your home feel more summery than rich pops of green and a little natural light. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a green thumb. Feel free to use real plants or artificial arrangements to create the desired effect.

Incorporate tropical accents

Try decorating with tropical accents to create the summer vibe you desire. We personally love using pineapple-themed pieces because from figurines to art, this delicious fruit screams summer. If pineapples aren’t your style, there are always trays, vases and other items inspired by palm branches. Complete the tropical look with woven wood and bamboo favorites.

Don’t weave it up to chance

Woven pieces are perfect for this time of year. We love the natural look of baskets and accent tables formed by fun fibers. While we love wood, seagrass and water hyacinth, we particularly recommend saying yes to jute. Jute can be woven into all kinds of products (placemats and pillows), but we particularly love the look of jute rugs. They’ll help you tastefully incorporate summer textures and patterns throughout your space before your tropical look starts looking too close to a rainforest.

Find the ideal summer scent

It may sound silly, but the right smell can help set the mood/vibe you’re going for. Search for a candle that fits the style you’ve selected and gives off the aroma you’re after. You could opt for the smell of the ocean air or the sweet smell of sugar cane. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you could always aim for something that recreates the simple smell of the summer air or reminds you of your favorite cocktail.

How are you decorating for the summer months? Tag us on social media to show off your style! If you’re looking for some summer decorating essentials, be sure to shop our new Tropical Oasis Collection.