How to Set Your Table in Style This Christmas

The dining room table is much more than a spot to eat. It’s a home to meaningful conversations with friends and family over memorable meals

Time spent together around the table is always important, and we want to help you set the stage for shared experiences you’ll cherish forever this Christmas season. Here are a few tips to transform your table into a place that will make your holiday guests want to sit down and stay awhile.


Find A Centerpiece

The best place to start is right in the center of the table. Centerpieces play a big part in setting the mood around the entire table, and you should have no trouble finding one that suits your style. If you’re looking for simple, go with a classic look. A centerpiece with pine cones, berries, and tiny touches of greenery around a set of candles is always a safe bet. If you want something a little more whimsy, find a fun centerpiece that can really spark conversation, maybe even one that involves elf legs. As long as you select one that suits your style, you really can’t go wrong.


Set The Table

Place settings are perfect for showing a little personality. They provide an opportunity to be creative and cute while setting the table. Make sure your color scheme matches your centerpiece and other décor, and then feel free to have a little fun.

There are plenty of simple ideas to turn a setting into something spectacular, from folding a napkin in a stylish manner to putting a mini lantern on the plate. You can even use small ornaments or monogrammed items that double as gifts for guests to take home.


Fill In Extra Space

If there is any extra space between the place settings and centerpiece that won’t be occupied by food, fill it in with fun décor! This is just another opportunity to inspire holiday feels with mood-setting pieces. From charismas to bottle brush trees, and even reindeer figurines, you have plenty of choices to make dinner a little merrier and a lot more memorable.

Remember to save a little space, though, because you don’t want the table to feel overcrowded.


Step Up Your Seating Options

Nice dining chairs are always in style, but Christmas is a great time to step up your seating selection.

Try adding a bench on one side of the table. This season is all about friends and family, so this is the perfect time to share a seat. Even your dining chairs can feel festive with small tweaks. Try adding a wreath to the back of your chairs for additional Christmas cheer.


Have any of your own tips for setting up a dining room for Christmas guests? We’d love to see/hear them. Be sure to tag @kirklands for a chance to be featured.