4 Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives

A traditional Christmas tree, a fresh fir with all the trimmings, is always a fan-favorite. It’s a timeless look that’s tough to beat.

But what if you’re looking for other options?

Perhaps you have trouble keeping a real tree alive, or you’re a little limited on space. Maybe you want to set up a special tree in your dining room before your big holiday party, or in a bedroom before family arrives. No matter what your reason is, we want to provide a few alternatives to the standard tree. These trees are shrewd and stylish. They’re festive and fun and will be a big hit with any holiday guest.


An Elevated Look

Kirkland's - Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives

A tabletop tree is the perfect option for a small space. A console table can become a Christmas hub with a miniature tree, a few presents and the right holiday decor. You’ll keep your floor space clear, and with your cute little Christmas tree on an elevated surface, you’ll create a new focal point that inspires an abundance of festive feelings. If you really want to get in the holiday spirit, add a few small ornaments and a string of white lights to your tree.


Mirror Magic

Kirkland's - Christmas Tree Alternatives

We’re falling in love with this leaner mirror turned Christmas tree! It turns an everyday staple in your home to all things seasonal. Simply add some garland and a few décor pieces to complete the look. It’ll be time to start piling up the presents before you know it!


Christmas On Wheels

Kirkland's - Christmas Tree Alternatives

What if we told you that your tree didn’t have to be confined to one spot in one room? When you turn your bar cart into a mobile tree, any room or corner can be the new Christmas capital of your home. You can easily hang stockings and ornaments from the side of the cart. Use the top shelf to show off a few holiday pieces and serve seasonal drinks. The bottom shelf of the cart is the perfect place to store presents.


Stepping It Up A Notch

Kirkland's - Christmas Tree Alternatives

We all need something to lean on when it comes to Christmas decorating. So why not try out a leaning ladder as a tree this year? With five or six rungs, it’s easy to display your favorite ornaments. Plus, the rails provide plenty of space for stringing lights. The ladder doesn’t extend far from the wall, saving you precious space. Find some fun wall décor to hang around your tree and put down a few presents to finish off a look that will wow everyone.


We know these aren’t the only ideas for a fresh take on Christmas trees. From sticky notes to piles of books, we’d love to see what creative Christmas trees you’ve made. Be sure to tag us @kirklands for a chance to be featured!