Rae Dunn Collection: An Inside Look

Rae Dunn’s exclusive home décor designs are now available in Kirkland’s stores and online!

We’re here (with some help from Rae Dunn) to show you how the items you see in stores nationwide came to life. Find out how she got inspired and which items she is particularly proud of. Get ready for some exclusive insight on the Rae Dunn Collection!

Why home décor?

Rae Dunn is known for her beautiful, earth-inspired wares, so why venture into a different style?

Simply put, Rae Dunn loves the idea of home as much as we do and as much as you do.

I love home. I love simplicity. I love surrounding myself with a clean, calm and tranquil environment. I have always filled my home with my own hand-made designs – from pillows to tea towels, to plates, bowls, and cups.
— Rae

Why Kirkland’s?

With products already available in plenty of stores, why the partnership between Rae Dunn and Kirkland’s? In her mind, it’s a perfect match.

Kirkland’s stores make simple and artistic design accessible to anyone and my aesthetic is a perfect fit with their style. The stores are alluring, with an abundance of variety, without a feeling of sensory overload. They make for a peaceful, inviting shopping experience.
— Rae

Inspiration for the collection

Practicality, simplicity and nature are three of the biggest inspirations for the collection. Every piece seems to celebrate a simpler side of life while performing an essential function for the home. In the sketches below, influences from Rae’s past are also on display.

My vintage-inspired enameled tin cup brings back so many dear memories of my childhood spent in my grandmother’s kitchen. This collection combines the past and the future – a chance to both reminisce and to make new memories.
— Rae

Favorites from the collection

Every piece tells its own story. Every item has its purpose. Every design is beautiful. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to choose a few favorites.

The tray. This piece is both functional and decorative – two fundamental qualities I love to bring together. Perfect for breakfast in bed, backyard barbeques, or just a great object to hang on your wall!
My tea towels are very representative of my creative perspective and my lifestyle. They are simple, durable, useful, and they look sweet hanging in your kitchen. They will soften with age and use, which is a trait that I love.
— Rae

We hope you enjoyed this special insight from Rae. If you’ve already brought home some items from the collection, show us how you’re using them with #RAEDUNNXKIRKLANDS! If you haven’t shopped this new selection, don’t wait! These items won’t last long.