10 Mood-Boosting Facts to Make You Smile

Before our 30 Days of Happiness celebration ends, we want to share some mood-boosting facts with you. We hope these little pieces of wisdom will turn your day around if you’re ever feeling down and serve as a reminder that there are always reasons to smile.

Kirkland's - 10 Mood-Boosting Facts to Make You Smile
  1. Sunlight increases the production of serotonin in your system.

  2. Chewing, eating chocolate, and eating bananas can help you relax and boost your mood.

  3. Turn up the tunes. Jamming out can help reduce stress, which leads to greater happiness in general.

  4. Smiling for 60 seconds will immediately improve your mood.

  5. Singing in the shower can help reduce stress and improve your mood.

  6. Drink lots of water! Hydration plays a big part in your mood and keep you feeling energized.

  7. Stepping outside and breathing in fresh air will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated - even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

  8. Physical activity will help your brain release endorphins.

  9. Catch some zzz’s for a happier, healthier life. Skimping on sleep can lead to lower levels of optimism.

  10. Meditate! Research shows that eight weeks of daily meditation can lead to greater happiness.