Last Minute Additions for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and we want to make sure you feel ready if you have guests coming over. Whether you’re hosting a more formal gathering or just spending time around the pool, we’re here to help. We have four ideas for last minute upgrades (or additions) to your Labor Day Weekend setup.



Get ready for your guests with new serveware. From cake stands to serving bowls, these pieces make your hosting job that much easier. Simply set up a self-serve table and watch your party take off. Your guests can select whatever they want from the spread you provide. Cakes, mixed nuts, fruit, pasta salad, charcuterie, grilled meats or veggies, drink options, and more. With the right serveware, your guests can choose what they want, when they want. This will free you up to enjoy the party.



Kirkland's -

If you want to host a more formal gathering, perhaps you could use some new dinnerware. Our new line, Simple Things, is the essence of simple sophistication. These pieces are sturdy enough for everyday use, but their beautiful design makes them an ideal option for fancier evenings spent around the table. The best part? You can mix and match the different finishes, and the items are available a la carte in stores.



Kirkland's - Last Minute Additions for Labor Day Weekend

Set the mood with the right lighting. Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor gathering, there are plenty of options to choose from. String lights around the patio. Add lanterns around your porch for a little glow. Pick out a centerpiece and have a candlelit dinner.


Additional Seating

Kirkland's - Last Minute Additions for Labor Day Weekend

When you’re hosting a gathering, there’s no such thing as excess seating. Grab a few extra chairs or cushions to have ready in case of a surprise visitor or two.


Kirkland’s is open all weekend, and we have so much on sale! We’d love to help you get ready for Labor Day at the last minute!