5 Ways to Add Color to Your Space

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to add a little color throughout your home. From bold blues to bright pops of yellow, you have so many options to bring new life into your space. To give you a few ideas, we’ve asked our Kirkland’s Insiders for help. These looks all add color in different ways, and we hope they serve as inspiration for you to try something out for yourself!


Statement Furniture

If you’re feeling bold, find a new statement piece of furniture. While many people prefer to stick with neutral colors for couches, chairs, and consoles, you can stand out with a blue table in the entryway or a blue basket side table.



Lemons are a fantastic addition when you’re looking to brighten up your home. While some sources of color require more planning and work, the introduction of lemons can be as simple as a centerpiece or a jar filled with faux fruit. Even a small amount of lemons can make an entire space feel alive.



Your immediate thoughts may move to arrangements, stems, or bouquets, and those are certainly wonderful ways to add some seasonal colors. But you can also add floral in innovative ways, perhaps through a piece of art or with the right photograph. Flowers are lovely and vibrant, and they’re always in style.



One of the easiest ways to make tweaks to the colors in your home is through new throw pillows. We already change out pillows over the course of the year, so why not use these routine changes as a way to try out that shade you’ve been thinking about?


Planters & Vases

When you add floral to your space, you’re obviously adding some beautiful blooms or lush greens. But you can also take this opportunity to pick out a fun planter or vase to put the blooms in. If you want to take an extra style step, search for a playful pattern or try different textures. Planters and vases don’t have to be plain; they can add another dimension to your décor.


Do you have a statement piece in a bold color? Are you adding bright pops of color with bouquets? We’d love to see your take on adding color! Tag us @kirklands for a chance to be featured in future blogs or emails.