Spring Style Showcase | Our Favorite Looks From You

We’re starting to see signs of spring everywhere, and we figured this is the perfect time to pause and share your spring styles!

You’ve been busy finding new pieces, rearranging furniture and refreshing for the season. We’ve been sorting through all the photos you’ve tagged us in, and here are some of our favorite looks you’ve submitted.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Brittany is embracing a fresh, farmhouse look this spring. The oversized wall clock. The vintage touches. The little pops of green. We can’t get enough of this cozy space!

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


We feel like everybody could use this coffee corner when they wake up. From the cute console table to the wall plaque with the hooks to hang the mugs, Michele is making something routine look magical.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Tiffany’s putting her entryway in perfect balance this season. We love how she’s using this scale statue to show some admiration for Rae Dunn favorites!

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Krystine has created a peaceful nook with a pew bench and two pillows. This spot looks like a wonderful area to stop and reflect for a few minutes.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Tulips might be spring’s favorite flower in 2019, and Kim is showing off just how bright a room can feel with the right flowers.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Jodi’s using mirror magic to transform her entryway. Look how much extra light it seems to spread around this area of the home.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Karen’s got two miniature greenhouses right on her dining room table! With the right vase and choice of floral, this space is providing a breath of fresh air.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


We should probably mention how we admire the spring refresh provided by the wreath plaque on the back wall, but we’re too distracted by all the good dogs.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Here’s the ideal example of a mirror making a room feel larger. Oh, and it can double as a place to check your entire outfit and take a stellar selfie.

Kirkland's - Modern Farmhouse Decor


Washing clothes and sheets often feels like such a mundane task, but it can be a little more fun if you brighten up the laundry room. We can feel the warmth of this cow canvas from here!


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