Refresh Any Room with Our Kirkland's Insiders

Still searching for inspiration to help you refresh your home for 2019? We’ve got you covered! Our Kirkland’s Insiders have been busy making updates this month, and the looks they’ve created are stunning. Here are our favorites!



Wilshire Collections

Kirkland's - Storage Bench

Dreamy entryways are always in style. We love this combination of style and function from Wilshire Collections.

The Daily DIYer

Kirkland's - Entryway Decor

An entryway is the perfect place to greet guests in style, and The Daily DIYer is illustrating exactly how it’s done. This natural look is a breath of fresh air.

Hip & Humble Style

Kirkland's - Entryway Decor

Hip & Humble Style is making a statement with bold pieces in her entryway. We can’t get enough of this beautiful color palette.

Christina Goldsmith

Sometimes you have to be daring and do something different. Christina Goldsmith has created the coziest little entryway, and we’re wondering if visitors make it into the living room or if they simply stop and enjoy this little slice of paradise.

A Cozy Blessed Nest

Kirkland's - Entryway Decor

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most magnificent entryway of them all? A Cozy Blessed Nest has created a stunning setup around this gorgeous mirror.


Living Room

Farmhouse Flare Designs

There’s something special about the fresh feelings that come along with a new year, and Farmhouse Flare Designs has captured them perfectly with this lovely living room. It’s simple, clean, peaceful and stunning.

Clare & Grace Designs

Kirkland's - Living Room Decor

A little touch of green makes a room come alive. We’re impressed by the subtle updates from Clare & Grace Designs because their impact is actually quite large.

Hip & Humble Style

Kirkland's - Living Room Decor

Every living room needs a place to store extra blankets and pillows. Hip & Humble Style is making excellent use of this storage ottoman that has a bit of rustic charm.


Office Space

Bless This Nest

It’s hard to get anything accomplished with a cluttered workspace. Bless This Nest has established order and is still managing to show off serious style around her desk.

Simple Cozy Charm

Kirkland's - Office Decor

Simple Cozy Charm’s home office looks heavenly. Clean and organized. Bright and colorful. Stylish accents and décor strategically placed around the room. We love this look!



House by Hoff

Keeping a kid’s room organized is certainly a tough task, but House by Hoff is making it look easy. Every toy and book is neatly tucked away.

Gracious Spaces

Kirkland's - Bedroom Decor

We’re obsessed with this cozy corner Gracious Spaces has created! Blankets, beauty products and sweet little displays of her style are all contained in a couple square feet.

Simple Cozy Charm

Kirkland's - Bedroom Decor

From the foot of the bed to the neatly placed pillows, Simple Cozy Charm has created the perfect place to nap or spend a deserved day in.



White Oak Shop

Kirkland's - Bathroom Decor

White Oak Shop has managed to find a place to store bathroom necessities and add a little splash of spring to her bathroom at the same time, proving a simple shelving unit works wonders!


Kirkland's - Bathroom Decor

This little storage tower is keeping CraftOManiac’s bathroom clean and tidy. We appreciate how she’s using vertical space against a wall, as well.


We hope these photos are helpful, and we’d love to see your own ideas as you look to make updates. Be sure to tag @kirklands for a chance to be featured!