Spring Style Trends: What's In This Year

Spring is coming soon, and we want you to be ready when the time arrives. Here are a few of our favorite trends as this sweet time of year approaches.


Floral Favorites

Spring signals new beginnings and new life, making it the perfect time to try adding floral.

Floral favorites make a room feel fresh. Choose a chair with a pretty pattern. Find art that makes a room come to life. Put out a welcome mat that makes your front porch even lovelier. Any way you add flowers, we’re your biggest fans!


Geometric Patterns

Kirkland's - Art & Wall Decor

Another trend we love in 2019 is distinct geometric patterns. Items with interesting shapes or perfect symmetry add dimension to your décor. From lovable lamps to unique wall decor, this is a great chance to be bold and do something different.


Black & White Décor

Kirkland's - Black & White Decor
Kirkland's - Black & White Decor
Kirkland's - Black & White Decor

Simple color palettes always seem to be in style, but people particularly love this classic combination in 2019. There are plenty of ways to include black and white accents this spring, from wall décor to throw pillows. Perhaps you’ll keep track of the time with a black and white clock. Maybe you’ll brighten a room with a black and white lamp.

If you’re interested in hopping on this trend, you’ll certainly have plenty of options.


Distinctive Textures

We often wonder how an item will look in our home, but we believe it’s also important to consider how it will feel. This season is a great time to try distinctive textures. A stylish shelving unit can be even more beautiful when it’s constructed with bamboo or rattan. Fun fringes or tassels on a pillow elevate an already cozy couch. Texture is going to be big this spring!


Gallery Walls

Kirkland's - Art Gallery Walls

Artwork impacts us all from time to time. But you know what’s even more impactful than an incredible piece of art?

An entire wall of it!

Gallery walls are one of the greatest gifts you can give your home. Multiple pieces come together to make a major statement. Different paintings come together to tell a sweet story. One wall becomes and eye-catching, must-see spectacle, and we can’t get enough of it.



Kirkland's - Spring Succulents

The tiniest touches often have the largest impact. Succulents are the perfect example. They’re like a little slice of spring for a side table or a scale statue. You don’t have to rearrange an entire room to refresh for the season.


Have you seen any trends that are already taking hold in 2019? We’d love to hear about them! Be sure to tag @kirklands to show off your spring style!