5-Step Guide for the Perfect Fall Porch

It’s hard to believe cooler weather is starting to creep up on us, but September is only a month away! We anticipate autumn at Kirkland’s because we want to inspire fall feelings with our décor the moment the leaves start to change colors.

There are numerous ways to embrace the spirit of the season, but a front porch makeover is perhaps the best place to start. Here’s a five-step guide to transform a summer stoop into something special for fall.

1. Start around the door

Making the front door the focal point of a porch isn’t a new idea, and that’s okay. Start with some garland around the frame and select a mat that speaks to your soul. These two favorites will ensure all your other décor falls into place.

harvest doormats.jpg

2. Set up seating

Unless your home is really doing something different, your front steps might not be the most comfortable spot to sit for an extended period of time. Lucky for you, it’s easy to set up fall-themed seating. Find a comfy bench to place next to the door and make it scream fall with some fun throw pillows. When done right, house guests might not even want to go inside.

3. Work your way out

Slowly work away from the door and fill the space with décor you love. Find fall art to lean against the walls and pumpkins to set the mood. Large lanterns show off serious style and provide practical light in the evening. The porch is your canvas. Paint a picture that makes you happy!


4. Don’t neglect the steps

Cluttering the front steps with excess décor is definitely something to avoid, but subtle additions can make a massive difference. Try setting up small lanterns, candles or planters on the outer edges of your step(s) to add an extra element to your decorations. It’s easier than you think to make the most of this underused space without blocking foot traffic.

5.  Add the finishing touches

Take a step back and look at the great work you’ve done. Note what’s missing or what seems off and correct it. Perhaps the door needs a colorful wreath, or maybe a cute pumpkin cart would complete the look you’re going for. Make these tiny tweaks to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We’d love to see the looks you create this fall. Be sure to tag @kirklands on social media for a chance to be featured! If you have any other great tips for fall decorating, don’t hesitate to share. We always love learning your tricks to create a happy home!