Dorm Decor Checklist

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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but school is right around the corner. Although summer break is coming to an end, the mood doesn’t have to be doom and gloom.

The start of a new semester is always an exciting time, especially for incoming college students. We know the idea of dorm life can seem a bit dreary, so we’ve compiled a list to help you turn your (or your favorite college student’s) dorm room from drab to fab! With this list, a small living space with cold, concrete walls can become a fun place to live, work and play.

Pillows & Throws

A dorm room almost certainly spells a tiny, twin bed, which doesn’t provide much space for sprawling out to sleep. However, even a twin bed can be transformed into the premier place to crash after a long day of classes. Add some fun pillows and throws to make that little mattress feel a lot larger. Even college students can sleep like a king or queen.

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Storage Solutions

Space is limited in just about every dorm room, and making the most of that space is absolutely essential. One way to combat a potentially chaotic, claustrophobic living situation is to find versatile storage solutions. Storage towers, shelving units and bins are all your friends. Storage options that rise vertically save space, and they provide a platform for showing off style. Bins keep possessions in a compact space, and they can be slipped under a bed or desk or stored on a shelf.

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Magic Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the door, which college student has the cleanest floor? Over-the-door mirrors save so much space. They free up walls for décor. They also keep the floor clutter-free, unlike leaners or free-standing mirrors. This particular mirror is nice and tall, making it perfect for getting dressed.

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There’s no fancy tip or trick to this one, but a hamper is absolutely necessary. Every abode needs a place to put dirty clothes and sheets. For a little more flair, try a monogram hamper or find one with a fun pattern.

Area Rugs

Forgettable floors are a staple in dorm rooms, and walking on them without socks can feel like a barefoot trek through the snow. Fortunately, an area rug can work wonders for the feelings a room inspires. It can also keep feet from freezing indoors!

Organization Essentials

College is a crazy time. Between classes, concerts, clubs, games and everything else to offer, it’s hard to keep everything straight. Getting organized (at least on some level) is crucial. An organization set like this one makes sure no task is left undone and no event is left unattended. But this is just one idea. A large dry erase board, a personal planner or an oversized calendar may do the job for some students. We encourage everyone to find what works for them and to stick with it.


Décor is the key to making a dorm room feel like home. Cover the walls with posters or plaques. Find a fun theme to tie everything together. Fill shelves with figurines or photo frames. Make the room your own! Even the smallest of spaces can be a personal slice of paradise if you maximize every inch available.

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