Bring The Big Screen Home

A trip to the movie theater might be expensive, but you can create a magical movie experience at home! It’s time to bring the big screen to your backyard and enjoy a night with friends, family and popcorn.

Pick out a movie and create a guest list because we’ve got your guide to a memorable movie night below! Here’s how you can throw a spectacular show and put your local cinema to shame.

Get the proper equipment

Pull out your projector (or borrow one) and set up a screen outside. If you don’t have an actual projector screen, hanging a white sheet will do the trick. Make sure the projection is centered and focused and be sure your sheet is securely fastened. A mid-movie sheet fiasco must be avoided at all costs.

Find the perfect amount of lighting

Just enough light. That’s the sweet spot for viewing a movie. Too much light makes it hard to see the picture. Not enough light leaves people tripping over feet or falling down steps. Use lanterns or string lights to create some practical ambiance. Pretty + Practical = Perfect.

Lay down the blankets and pile up the pillows

Many movie theaters now have recliners, but you can make your guests more comfortable than the local cinema. Blankets, pillows, poufs, beanbags and chairs will make sure every person has the best seat in the house. Your guests will be able to get comfortable however they please.

Pop popcorn and then pop more popcorn

There’s no such thing as too much popcorn at a movie night. Be sure to make plenty before pressing play because having to hit pause halfway through is a real downer. Popcorn is the perfect snack to go with a great movie.

Satisfy every sweet tooth

As good as popcorn is, a movie night isn’t complete without a little candy or some sweets. Assemble a snack station or set out trays with chocolate and sugary snacks. If you really want to wow your audience, set up a s’mores station.

smores_square (3).jpg

Be courteous and silence your cell phones

We’re kidding! You’ve basically formed your own film festival, and now you deserve to enjoy the show. Send us a photo of your backyard movie theater by tagging @Kirklands on social media. We can’t wait to see your spin on movie night!